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National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing Co. LLC (NFFPM) is one of the largest animal feed producers and distributors in the UAE. Established in 2001, and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, NFFPM owns and operates two of the UAEs largest fully automated animal feed plants.

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Stakeholders are valuable cogwheels in our process. We blend together our position in the market and performance levels, and sprinkle it with quality services and products. This not only earns us a reputation that makes us smile, but helps us to manufacture products that will make our customers smile.

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On our list of priorities, this ranks the highest.Quality Control

Here at NFFPM, we take quality control very seriously. On our list of priorities, this ranks the highest. It’s so important that we have an entire control department dedicated to this vital matter. This department ensures that only the highest and safest standards are adhered when manufacturing our products. This is done with an efficient and competent laboratory monitoring all activities. The lab is equipped with advanced equipment and follows the most recent international procedures to test its raw materials and finished products. Proximate and standard analysis are conducted to ensure all feeds are as per the specifications. These results are used in ration formulations and to successfully optimize the production process.

Being the quality conscious organization that we are, we focus on delivering only high quality animal feed and raw materials. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and hygienic for your animals. We are deeply committed to not only meet, but exceed the expectation of our clients by providing the finest quality products and services. Our team of skilled experts practice strict quality control standards, and test the products at various stages before serving them onto your animal’s plate. The best way to reach someone’s heart is through their stomach, so we ensure our feed is safe for consumption and rich in flavor.

NFFPM operates two state of the art accredited laboratories located in each of its sites. These laboratories are ran and managed by professionals with extensive expertise in the animal feed field. NFFPM is also ISO and HACCP certified and holds the highest quality standards in animal nutrition.


Our ProductsDiscover our quality feeds

  • Poultry Feeds

    While chickens can’t live on a kale diet and hit the gym everyday, there are ways of keeping them healthy. Your poultry requires a balanced and nutritious diet. This will help them grow and gain weight. It will also assist with the egg production process. You won’t even be able to remember the last time your feathered friend got sick, as a healthy and mindful diet boosts immunity from various related diseases. See More

  • Ruminant Feeds

    A variety of different species like cows, sheep, goats, buffalos, deer, giraffes and camels are what zoologists call “ruminants”. This means they digest their food by processing it in a complex four-chambered stomach. See More

  • Horse Feeds

    Horses are not only beautiful, but interesting creatures. They aren’t ruminants, but they’re not non-ruminants either. Instead, they fall into the category of “hindgut fermenters”. See More

  • Laboratory Animal Feeds

    Alfafa hay is a vital ingredient in highly nutritious feed. It also has the required touches of protein, fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals premix to enable rabbits and rodent to grow and reproduce properly. Bunnies need their energy! See More

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NFFPM is one of the leading suppliers of superior quality Animal Feed Materials and Poultry Feed Materials. These feeds travel to our shelves from all over the world, and are supplied by reputed mills. A nutritious recipe of raw materials go into our mix.